Sponsor / Vendor Registration

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Exhibit Hall Hours

Set-up: Any time between 6:30am and 7:30am.

Tear down in the Captain's Room and its Foyer:  Begins after the last break ends at 2:45pm.

Tear down in the Ballroom:  Will happen as soon as the program ends after the final program of the day.

Please Note - The tearing down of your booth early is very disruptive to both the speakers and participants. If you are found to be tearing down early you will not be allowed to exhibit in the ballroom in the future.


Electricity is available. Please contact Ian Bruess at ibruess@episcopalhomes.org to alert us to your needs and associated costs prior to the event date. Payment will be arranged directly with Earle Browne Center.

Exhibitor Prize Drawings

For those exhibitors offering a giveaway at your table please note there will not be time allotted to publicly announce your drawings.  You will be responsible for delivering your giveaway to the recipient.